Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tiny Bible Bits

People are busy. Especially school kids.

Starting tomorrow I'm starting something new and a little unknown. Tiny Bible Bits.

The idea is simple. Every Mondays, Wednesday and Friday the Facebook page (called Tiny Bible Bits) will have a small chunk of scripture (nothing more than a few verses) with a short reflection or question.

It's not designed as a replacement for church or youth group, but I (and a bunch of others) have noticed that attending "God stuff" and having kids engage with the bible is more and more difficult (especially in senior high).

So, if you want to like the page and join up, then that would be grand. If you want to spread the word to others, then that also would be grand.

If nothing else, it can be a way for people who already have a symbiotic relationship with Facebook, to connect with God and will force me to engage with the bible more regularly.

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