Friday, September 23, 2011

Urban responsibility

Today my wife and I entered into the fourth, fifth and sixth stages of moving house hell. We've already endured collecting boxes, packing and negotiation with removalists. Today was moving day.

We awoke at six to be ready for the removalists at 8am (stage 4... doing the final we're-about-to-leave clean). Nearly 11 hours later we are sitting in a semi-furnished house with miscellaneous piles of boxes in varying degrees of emptiness (stage 5... unpacking).

Sure, we don't have a finished kitchen, we won't sleep in our new bedroom until the middle of next week and the cat won't arrive back from vacation till Tuesday (stage 6... general home calamity).

I can't imagine how this would be if I was doing this by myself. Especially if I were leaving my family and the majority of my friends.

But this is what country people do all too often. Weather it be for study, work or another reason, young adults all too often leave for the "big smoke."

And this is a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for urban churches.

We are entrusted by our country brethren to welcome, involve and nurture those who have been brought up and discipled in the faith at their country churches.

A phenomenal privilege and responsibility is given to city churches by faithful parents and congregations. The least we owe them is a quality church for their kids to be a part of...

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