Friday, September 30, 2011

Time before the ask

At church things have changed slightly in the way we organise the evening service. The service leader now has responsibility to find people to do the various parts that make up the service.

I know, nothing ground-breaking, but a shift all the same.

I've seen this work effectively in other churches that I've been associated with, but there is one lurking danger.

Pouncing on the newbie.

When new people arrive at your church the first thing they need isn't a request to "be on a roster." In fact, some people head to a new church to GET AWAY from being on the roster treadmill.

The thing some people need is time, not obligations.

If they are burnt out from their previous church, this is one of the best ways you can serve that person whilst developing a relationship with them.

Additionally, it allows the newcomer to get a grasp on the culture of the service, thus making their involvement more effective anyway.

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