Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eutychus ministry

An odd little story in the bible deals with a bloke named Eutychus.

The account of his death is told in the twentieth chapter from the book of Acts. In short, the Apostle Paul bores the young bloke to sleep by his preaching and he subsequently falls out a window. Fortunately, Paul (in an I-haven't-done-child-protection-training way) revives the chap and everything is fine.

I wonder how many modern day Euthychus' there are today.
How many people have been bored out of the church?
How many are dead to the gospel due to what they have heard in church?

Perhaps a re-engaging ministry should be established especially for those who have fallen out the third storey window.

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ljh said...

I am with you there! I believe that all ministers should have some teacher training so that they understand some solid theory behind how people learn and are engaged. It requires some serious effort to engage the younger generations as they are growing up with tv, social networking, internet etc at their fingertips. We have a responsibility to actually participate in this!