Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prayer answers

This week I spoke in the chapel services for the school which uses our church about prayer and the difference it makes.

During the short talk I mentioned something that occasionally makes people think I'm crazy.

I reckon God answers prayer. Sometimes the answer is affirmative, sometimes the response is to patiently wait and other times the reply is no.

I've never heard a loud booming voice from the sky, had my attention captured by a burning bush nor been knocked off my horse and blinded by a bright light. These ways are possible ways for God to communicate, but I've never experienced them.

Instead, I find, that God answers prayer in four primary ways.

1 - Whilst praying about a situation I will get an idea.

2 - I will be reminded of a passage from the bible which will apply to the situation.

3 - Sometimes God will bring about conversations with others, Christian or otherwise, who will help provide an answer.

4 - Whilst I'm struggling with a situation I will hear a talk or sermon that will speak to what I am facing.

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