Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ya know in 6 months... Ya know in 12

Whilst I'm posing on recent news stories, i also noticed that Harrison Ford proposed to Calista Whats-her-name (notice there is no link. If you're interested... look it up).

I think it's grand that after nine years he finally popped the question. Good for him, nice for her.

It made me wonder what i would tell a couple that had been dating for nine years.

Sure, most couples i would chat to about dating aren't in the same situation that our dear Harrison and Calista are in, but forget that for a moment.

For starters... i wouldn't say "good for him." Instead i would say "ABOUT TIME!"

I reckon, as long as you start seriously dating around 18 (serious being, in view of a potential life partner), you should have some kind of inclination about marriage around six months.

In the first half year you work out if you're potentially compatible. You spend a stack of time together, you expand on emotional and physical chemistry, you trade stories, you share experiences, you meet friends and you're introduced to family.

In the first six months you should have a fair clue if they are NOT right for you.

You will know if you clash on major personal issues or important life-identifying attitudes. You discover if your partner ticks enough "deal breaker" boxes.

Come a year, you pretty much should know if they ARE right for you.

Do you propose the day after your first anniversary? No. But, i believe, you should be seriously posing the big questions to yourself, never mind your partner.

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