Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last minute prep

Now that I'm on holidays I'm filling my days doing odd jobs. Today i went to my optometrist, tomorrow i put my car in for a service and on Thursday I'll get a haircut.

Therefore, I've been extra diligent in taking my eye drops, I vacuumed my car and I've ramped up the number of times I'll shampoo my hair.

In fact, a similar thing happens before going to the dentist. For the few days prior i will scrub my pearly white extra long.

As i review my actions, i find that I'm nothing but a slacker. You do what you're supposed to do the days before and then... 1) You make the best impression and 2) When you're asked if you're doing the upkeep, you're affirmative reply isn't a total fib.

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