Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ringless Hubbies

Last night, whilst at the golf club with Gavin, i noticed i was different.

To the untrained eye you would have thought that i was the only married guy at the table. On a table of ten guys, of whom Gavin and i were the youngest by decades, i was the only one wearing a wedding ring.

But it turns out that four of them were actually hitched.

It disturbed me.

Why would a husband not wear his wedding ring? It's not as though there were any ladies about the club or that they were all having an ale prior to seeing their mistresses. All signs indicated that this ringlessness was the norm.

If i were their spouse i think it would bother me.

Personally, i like my wedding ring. It says a lot about me without speaking and i would be annoyed if Ange went around bare fingered or was alright if i did.


Anonymous said...

If you saw their wives you wouldn't wear a ring either.

Claire said...

Because they might work in a trade (or did) and that made wearing a ring awkward and a huge chance of losing it.
That and some guys just have huge sausage fingers...