Monday, March 30, 2009

Water reading witnesses

I had my quarterly water meter reading meeting and heard something noteworthy.

It turns out that there is a "signinng insentive" of $3000 if i can entice another poor soul to do the same job as me. As long as the person is competent, will work more than 2 days a week and sticks around for 6 months, i can cash in.

It's like the baby bonus of the water meter reading world!

But it made me think of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

From what i remember, only 144,000 get to enter heaven (or something along those lines).

Maybe I'm a jerk, but this WOULDN'T encourage me to evangelise at all. Instead i would try to assure that I'm in the chosen number, not someone i recruit to take my spot.

The trouble? I think that evangelistic success bumps you further up the heaven entrance list.

So... When you shut the door on a JW... are they actually that disappointed?


Liam said...

That'd be the Mormons. I might need that job some time soon.

Graham said...

Nope. Definately JW's. The internet (the source of all wisdom and truth) says so... and

Tom said...

I'd take the job and you could split the money with me 33/66. But you need a car, and I have none.