Thursday, March 5, 2009

Puffin or backslidding into trouble

Today I wondered what would get me into more trouble... taking up smoking or giving up my faith?

Now... I'm not planning to do either, but it is an interesting question.

In the eyes of God, he would be more disappointed with the second option.

My wife? I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be too impressed by either. I'm sure many arguments would erupt in the Baldock household...

The church is, surprisingly, harder to decide. I figure I could fake being a believer for a substantial period of time without too many people catching on. Smoking on the other hand? Not a chance.

My mates? Well... Smoking would be annoying because I’d have to depart to puff away. But shenanigans would increase due to the complete lack of a moral compass.

The answer? I don't think I’ll do either. Smoking is slow suicide and backsliding will cause me trouble once the ciggies have sent me to the grave.

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