Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too much chatter?

I've just about finished my small group study, on the ten commandments, for later this week.

The process made me wonder how much a small group leader should talk.

Sure, with younger years, or a relatively unknown passage, you would ramp up the chatter. But with a well known passage, with experienced believers, how much do you need to fill the air with your thoughts?

It takes me back to an experience i had a few years ago.

I was invited to present the same Spiritual Gifts course i used to give at Formation (an equivalent cert 2 youth ministry course, run a few years ago).

At the course i would talk for much of the two/three hours. Lots of slides, plenty of notes.

At the youth group i was invited to, i bombed. I delivered a cut and paste job. With a lower age range and lesser committed believers, it lost many of them.

When i taught it again at church, a year later, it was much more interactive and laid back.

My point? Sometimes a lecture type delivery isn't the best method.

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