Thursday, March 12, 2009

Small group messages

Today Claire usurped my regular small group messages. She says that it was on the instigation of the Minister of the Word, but i think she's trying to muscle in on my turf...

And... SURPRISE... SURPRISE... It inspired me to post.

Each week, for years (even before i worked at Balgowlah), i sent each member of the small group i lead a message prior to the group. The reasons are simple...

First, it reminds the members of the group it is on.

Second, it chases up the same people each week. The reminder to come to small group, and building of excitement, doesn't depend solely on a quick Sunday night chat.

Third, it should tell the people something of what they are to expect that night.

Fourth, with phone caps, it doesn't cost you any more. Why wouldn't you?

Finally, it lets you keep track of numbers. If your small group contacts list grows above 12, it's time to consider splitting the group.

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Claire said...

You still not over this yet?