Monday, February 2, 2015

Why a youth minister's marriage matters for others

I started this post about having older Christian examples of the opposite gender by asking the question "What does a Christian man actually look like?"

I ask because, for many youth and young adults, they have very few examples due to the absent Boomer generation in many churches.

But, I wonder, would I get a similarly hazy response to the question "What does a Christian marriage look like?"

Now, depending on the demographics within your church, there may be a plethora of marriages for you to observe. But, alike the situation created by the lack of the immediate generation above, there may be far fewer "first-decade marriages between two Christians" to observe and learn from.

This is especially important for a youth minister if they are married.

For, their marriage is the walking sermon of their dating and relationship talks. 

If you're going to recommend that marriage is something of value and a worthwhile relational investment, then you'd better back up those words with a type of marriage which is as healthy as possible.


Because, for some, when they think of a marriage between Christians, yours will be the one which springs into their mind first.

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