Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why I showed my leaders that we lost money in 2014

Last year our youth group lost exactly $229.75 ($336.55 if our end-of-year-lock-in didn't bail us out).

2014 was the first year I'd actually audited the books in order to come up with a conclusive profit/loss figure.

As anyone in ministry with young people is aware, you don't get into it to save or make money. Every week, for something - like a cupcake for a teens birthday - you're diving into your hip-pocket.

I get that these kinds of expenses are a part of my job.
It comes with the turf.

Of the +$200 that the youth group lost, almost all of it "fell" out of my wallet.

At the start of this year I shared the financial figures with the youth group leaders.

It wasn't to cry poor. Nor was I after reimbursement or pity.

But, I thought that it was best for the leaders to KNOW and be aware of what the youth group ACUALLY costs.

This way, when a kid - who will be welcome no matter how much money is in their pocket - once again "forgets" to bring the small cost for youth group, they can see that it all adds up pretty quickly...

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