Monday, February 16, 2015

Even though the worst-case-scenario ALMOST NEVER happens...

Thinking about the worst-case-scenario of every and all situations is not fun nor a productive way to live your life. If you spent all your mental and emotional time and energy processing what could go wrong, then your life would be ruled by fear and uncertainty.

As I wrote here, as has happened to me on MANY occasions, the worst-case-scenario usually doesn't happen. In fact, the worst-case-scenario ALMOST NEVER happens.

BUT, I think there's value in being aware of the more "predictable" worst-case-scenarios.

Whilst you shouldn't live life paralyzed with fear that a meteor or tsunami will wipe you out at any time, we should at least, consider some of the more common or concerning consequences of our own, or others, actions.

For, while the worst-case-scenario is usually averted, having played out the scenario can make us better prepared for the approaching calamity.

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