Saturday, February 28, 2015

The shifting hierarchy of needs

People have a physical and psychological hierarchy of needs.

If you've ever watched Man vs Wild then you'll know that the most important things for survival are water, shelter, fire & food. Everything else can wait.

In therapy, it's not uncommon for the therapist to asses/deal with these basic physical needs first - particularly sleep and diet - before embarking on the emotional or mental ailments which have required the person to seek help.

An unspoken hierarchy of needs also exists within my youth groups leaders.

Have you just started going through a season?
Did your relationship just end?
Did you just lose your job?
Did a friend just die?
Are your parents going through divorce procedures?
Are you in the middle of exams?
Are you or a family member sick?
Are you extra stressed?
Even, depending on how it affects your mood, are you on your period?

All of these things, and many more, will elevate you, to varying degrees, on the hierarchy of needs.

Then, in the seemingly random schedule of "dates" I have with my leaders, they'll get bumped up the order or I'll ensure that their favourite chocolate "happens" to be at church when they next arrive.

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