Monday, February 23, 2015

Are you worth the cost?

Back in 2011 I wrote a post about giving in churches and the scary notion of converting the amount given into an amount a minister would "earn" if they were dependent on an individual service or "charged" by the hour.

All too often, whilst the senior minister might eat, all their family might not (let's not even consider anyone else on staff!).

But... if we run the numbers... How much would someone need to "pay" per week in order for their church offerings to "break even" with a minister's stipend?

Let's say that a senior minister earns $70,000 per year. 

In a church of 100 givers, NOT members, each giving unit (read singles, couples or families) would need to give approximately $13.50 per week in order to "afford" their minister through offerings alone.

If you throw in a full-time youth/children's/family/community/pastoral care worker (or multiple part-time equivalents), the you'd need to tack on an extra $10 per week in order to cover their wage.

So, in short, $25 per week approximately covers staffing costs for most medium sized churches in Australia.

But, the challenge should extend to those who are drawing that wage.

Are the people getting "their money's worth?"

Did you invest enough in them in order to "earn" your $10?
Were they served enough in order to feel like this week was a good investment?
Did you encourage, engage, resource and challenge them enough to "deserve" your "payment" this week?
Did you draw them into an encounter with God that was not only worth their time, but also money?

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