Friday, February 6, 2015

When you can humble the kids

I've written before that youth group leaders should strive to achieve no higher than bronze in any game which is played. Ideally, leaders should never win an activity outright - using their advanced experience, co-ordination and general skill - sine they have an unfair advantage.

In a team situation, you shouldn't skew the game heavily in your favour just because you've played a few hundred games of dodgeball and have literally practiced throwing a ball at an unsuspecting victim thousands of times.

But, there is a time when you can crush a teen in competition.

When they challenge you.

If you challenge me at pool or snooker... I'll normally win. Decisively.
If you challenge me at table tennis... I won't go easy on you.
If you challenge me in a game like boggle, I might allow you to get close.

Now, in light of the "manipulation" which may be required to avoid winning, you might feel like you're hustling the kids...

And sure, if a kid's at youth group for the first time, you might not want to mercilessly wipe the floor with them...

But for a regular teen with the gall to call you out (especially teenage boys!)?
Let the light-hearted humbling begin...

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