Monday, February 9, 2015

Why I play hide-and-seek on a Sunday morning

It's not unusual that a number of blog posts follow a single theme. Lately, it's been playing games.

I've written here about the awesomeness of hide-and-seek with my youth group leaders. But I also routinely play the game with the church kids on a Sunday morning.

Admittedly, the game kills the random few minutes while you're waiting for the service to wind down, involves no set up, needs little explanation and almost runs itself...

But, like many things, there's a larger agenda going on in the background.

For the BEST thing about hide-and-seek are the moments you have with the two kids who are "in" whilst the rest of the youngsters are hiding.

It's during these few minutes that you get precious one-on-one time with kids to begin connecting conversations.

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