Friday, January 30, 2015

Youth ministry reading for the win

This weekend I go away on the first bi-annual youth group leader's weekend of 2015 and I just found what I was looking for.

Is it a relatively unstructured activity to do on the Saturday afternoon?
Nope. I still haven't found that.
Is it the bad 1980's Christian music to wake them up with?
Nope. I left that at home.

Instead, it's the short youth ministry resource which I'll give them to read, and hopefully, engage with.

Whilst this isn't my first leader's weekend away, since I've hosted around a dozen across two churches, I've only started giving written resources to my leaders recently.


Because 200 page youth ministry books are intimidating.
And sometimes boring.

BUT, I want to give them solid input about what it is to be an effective youth group leader.

So, if I find a decent 20-30 page e-book about youth ministry, or a topic within, I'll put it in their hands.

It's only fair for them, since a part of my job is to equip and train them.

It also pays off for me since it opens them up to new ideas, gives them a glimpse of why we do the things we do and, hopefully, allows them to see and share places where we still need to improve.

Really, it's a win-win.

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