Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Control the fuel for the uncontrolled conversation

One thing you cannot control in life is what other people say.
But, you - somewhat - can control the things they are able to talk about.

You control the input.
They control the conversation.

This is the power, and danger, of gossip.
Once people start talking, it can be incredibly difficult to stop, never mind control.

If people decide to talk about you, truthfully or not, they can.
You don't control their conversations.
You don't control the conversations youth group leaders have with each other.
You don't control conversations parents have.
You don't control conversations that the kids or teens have.
You don't control the conversations overheard by those inside (and outside!) the church.

But those in leadership can, to a degree, control the fuel they provide for the fire of gossip.

This is one reason why leaders in the church are to live a live above reproach (1 Timothy 3:2). For this above-suspicion-kind-of-life vastly reduces the amount of ammunition which others, armed with good or poor intentions, have to talk about.

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