Monday, January 5, 2015

A date must include one of the following...

I tend to give a lot of dating advice.
I've written a lot of blog posts about it...
A series about Christian's dating non-Christians.
The general timelines to knowing if you're compatible.
The two pieces of advice I give to guys on a date.

But I don't have the access to dating's secret sauce.

But, today, my wife and I went on a date.
How do I know?
Because it involved one of the two key elements of a date.

Food or and activity.
If you're share a meal or do something active, then, you're on a date.

Are you having dinner? Then it's a date.
Are you sharing a picnic? Then it's a date.
Are you playing mini-golf? Then it's a date.
Watching a movie at the cinema? Then it's a date.

I think this is important when asked the inevitable question about dating... Is sharing a coffee a date?

With this filter, I say... it's barely a date.
Or, at least, it's not a very good one.

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