Friday, January 2, 2015


People make mistakes.
Myself included.

Some mistakes are entirely your own fault.
Usually though, mistakes are a series of decisions which you play a somewhat limited part in.

I've done some pretty stupid things.
I've done things which would certainly fall into the category of "young & stupid."
Some mistakes I've learnt from, others I'm doomed to repeat and kick myself later.

When you come face-to-face with a mistake there's one option you can take, commonly taken by teenagers and young adults.


F#ck It, Screw The Consequences.

It's this attitude which leads to many poor decisions.

It's behind taking drugs, especially if you're unsure what it exactly is.
It's behind having unprotected sex.
It's behind drink driving or getting in the car with someone drunk.
It's behind cheating on your partner.
It's behind a lot of physical fights.
It's behind sharing that juicy gossip.

In short, this attitude decides - even if the worst should happen - that those consequences will be outweighed by the immediate thrill of the poor decision.

Tomorrow I'll share the better, adult, response when face-to-face with a mistake you've made.

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