Thursday, January 22, 2015

3 reasons the younger need the older with different plumbing

What does a Christian man actually look like?
What characteristics does he display?
How does he treat his loved ones?
Could you ACTUALLY point one out?

At the upcoming leader's weekend for my youth group we'll be looking at the books of 1 Timothy and Titus, asking the two questions "What does this say about leadership?" and "What does this say about being an example to those younger?"

When you delve into those books, there's heaps to uncover, but there's also a connection which is more subtle.

Obviously, younger Christian guys need solid, Jesus-following, older guys around them.


To have conversations like this and help them avoid the knock-out punch.

BUT, younger Christians need examples of the opposite gender.


First, because wisdom can comes both genders and some issues aren't affected by the one speaking to you being male or female.

Second, because some problems can use the perspective of the opposite gender.

Third, younger Christians need to see what a solid, Jesus-following, person of the other gender looks like. If, like I've written before, it's far preferable for believers to date each other, then it would be helpful for them to be able to look around and see what a quality, God-and-spouse-honouring, husband/wife looks like. 

In short, it will be useful for them to be able to see an older woman/man living out their faith.

Or, aside from the example of Christ, how else will they know to look out for?

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