Monday, March 4, 2013

Delivering the expected sizzle?

Yesterday, to make a point in church, I tore a pot plant from it's soil which was, expectantly, quite messy.


In the morning there were gasps from the oldies and an explosion of dirt in the evening.

Now that I'm nearly two months into my new position, I have an escalating fear.

Running out of sizzle.

For the day is coming when I'll have to do a kids talk and struggle to create a thrilling hook.

I'll have a passage...
I'll have a point to make...
I'll get to Saturday night... and
I'll have no sizzle.

And I wonder how it will be received by the church.

Even if that fateful day doesn't arrive for many months, what happens when a church hears a kids talk without the bells-and-whistles?

If there's an air of disappointment is it the fault of those up the front of the church since they've conditioned the congregation to see a spectacular performance which, one day, they couldn't manufacture?

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Anonymous said...

There is always the risk that the 'sizzle' detracts from the 'substance'. Give them substance, with the occassional sizzle. If its all spectacular displays, you risk that's what you become known for, rather than sound teaching!