Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Listen and think for a change

Following from my previous post about a Guy Sebastian song inspiring Friday night's input time, I have an admission.

It wasn't somthing I would usually do.

In fact, the whole listen-to-a-song-and-disect-it-idea was something I inherited from the previous youth minister.

But, the more I think about it and consider why I've repeatedly done the youth adult film based bible studies, the more value I find it in.

Churches should engage in culture. Often.

Youth ministers should be aware of the culture their "audience" is immersed in.

AND... they shouldn't be shy in teaching those who are especially influenced by the culture around them to interact with it and evaluate the messages it's sending.

Perhaps, my once-a-month song segment will be expanded...

But... this is no way means that I'll be listening to One Direction in order to "discern a message."

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should avoid the term "adult film" in the context of bible studies...