Monday, March 25, 2013

Drinking UNTIL...

Sometimes I mention something, thinking I've posted about it previously, only to later discover that the snippet of wisdom has gone unrecorded.

A few days ago I wrote about the partying lifestyle some Christians can have and the unexpected price it can cost them.

During that post I mentioned, from what I've seen, that young adults drink irresponsibly until sometime in there mid-twenties.

Why then?
Because UNTIL...

If you're indulging in the party lifestyle, you'll do it UNTIL...

Until you get over it (how long can you go to the same local, seeing the same people, doing the same things, weekend after weekend?).

Until you see the futility in it (how long can you afford to go out, spending increasing amounts of cash to get drunk, forgetting the end of the night anyway?).

Until something bad happens publicly (you're assaulted, arrested, caught drink-driving or have an unwanted/regrettable sexual encounter).

Until something bad happens privately (you break up a friendship or relationship).

Until your life stage changes and you grow out of it (you get married, you have a child, you get a mortgage, you get a full time job).

As a sweeping generalisation... young adults are partied out by 27. By then you've been going out for around a decade and have hit an UNTIL stage.

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