Saturday, March 23, 2013

Focusing on the good thermometers

From 72 there were 12...
From 12 there were 3.

Not all people are treated the same.

Some you are closer with since you're personalities mesh or you share a common interest. With some you're drawn to them since they hold influence.

This later group can both gauge and move the temperature of the group.

In every church there are a few people who are good thermometers.
In every youth group there are a couple of good thermometers.
Within every youth ministry leadership team there are those who will be able to judge and affect the temperature quicker than others.

In ministry, the people you want to connect with first are these who discern and influence the temperate around them.

With luck, these people will be some of the most valuable relationships in any placement.

You'll be able to bounce ideas off them and avoid land-mines.
You'll be able to receive for honest feedback, from both a personal and communal level.
Finally, when pitching a new idea, when you get the temperature alert onside then the way forward can be much smoother.

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