Thursday, March 28, 2013

Multicultural misconception

I've posted in the past about the labels churches place upon themselves, especially the term "regional."

Now I want to touch on another label which churches labour to attach to the front of their name.


In full danger of bursting bubbles and being run out of the church, I have a declaration...

Most "multicultural" churches are not multicultural.
Just their building is.

Let me explain...

Commonly, "multicultural" churches have a number of services, focusing on different cultures.

For example, they may have a traditional English service in the morning, a Korean service in the middle of the day, and a "youth friendly" service in the evening.

Sorry folks, this is not a multicultural church. It's, probably, not even close.

It's a mono-cultural church whose building houses a number of mono-cultural services.

UNLESS a church has people from multiple cultures thoroughly integrated within the life and services of their church, not just participating in worship activities around one another, THEN it can claim to be multicultural in nature.

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