Thursday, February 28, 2013

The church sign is for...

It annoys me when bloggers apologise for the lack of posts due to their business so I'll spare you...

I want to make a quick statement about something I've dealt with a number of times. 

In the past I've called them crappy, embarrassing, confusing and cringe-worthy.

Of course, I'm referring to signs outside of churches.

I want to make something clear.

If you work for a church, pull up an chair, affix your eyes to the computer screen and lend me a few precious moments.

Church signs are not for those who go to your church. In theory, any regular attendee will find out anything you could possibly put on a church sign from going to church on a Sunday or alternate internal communication devices.

They are for those OUTSIDE the church community.

They understand your jargon.
They have no idea what your groups are called.
They don't care about your pithy saying gleaned off the Internet.
In fact, usually your slogans will drive people away from your church, not encourage them to visit.

They want to know what you can provide for them.
They want to know what to expect if they decide to turn up on a Sunday.
They want to know, if they did darken your church's door, that what they hear will be relevant to they life.

Church-sign-crafters everywhere... Lend me your ears!

Remember who your primary audience is...

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