Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is communication the #1 thing?

It took a six weeks, but I've finally started a full schedule of face-to-face ministry activities at my new church. Thus I've had a very full week.

In an average week during school term I'll do four scripture classes, kids club, youth group and lead the evening service.

Additionally, I'll do a kids address in the morning and the sermon every fortnight.

All in all, this routine isn't unusual for someone with my job (and I can squeeze plenty more into it!).

Those with my job do a lot of up front activities.

We give talks, both short and long, for a range of ages.
We run and explain games.
We co-ordinate activities.
We plan and execute lessons.

So... this leads me to my question... Do youth ministers need to be good communicators?

I ask because it is usually the case.

But is it a NEED?

I think not.

Anyone with my job needs to be comfortable standing before others and communicate clearly, but there is a far greater quality required.

Any youth minister NEEDS to be strong at relationships, not communication.

This is what matters most.


Because, to quote a John Maxwell-ism, people don't care how much you know (or how well you you may be able to communicate it) until they know how much you care.

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