Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lots of first dates at the RSL

I want to be clear. My marriage is going just fine.

But over the last week I've been on five first dates.
I have another six separate dates to go on over the next few weeks.

By now, as I've mentioned before, I'm a youth-minister-first-date-master.

Who have I been wooing?
My new youth group leaders.

One at a time.
Over lunch.
At the local RSL.
Followed by a game of pool and/or snooker (you can read the reason why here).
Everything my treat.

By the end of the month my heart should explode via a roast meat and gravy overload.

Why am I buying all my leaders lunch?
Why would I fork out my hard earned dosh?

Time + Knowledge = Building trust.

If I spend time with my leaders, getting to know one another by sharing our heart for the youth ministry, then trust is slowly built.

It's a way to grow my starting chips by making initial deposits in the investment bank early in my new ministry placement.

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