Sunday, February 3, 2013

But it worked for me....

This post makes me nervous because it might flame into a morethendodgeball-guest-post type of controversy...

I wonder if people look back on their own personal experience with "but it worked for me" glasses which then affect their stance on certain grayish issues.

I fear that some people develop a well-it-worked-for-me-mindset so to do likewise should be alright, when actually, they are the exception to the rule or quickly forget how they narrowly escaped a risky situation.

An easy example would be the appropriate number of post-school trips.

I went on... three. That's right, three.

Not just one at the end of year 12. But three. One dose of schoolies at Noosa and two bouts of toolies at Surfer's Paradise.

And, overall, they didn't really harm anyone (aside from one case of AWFUL yellow hair dye).

But I wouldn't recommend it now to a school leaver. It wasn't a wise decision to make.

I wonder how many have their opinions on the following questions slanted by the way they acted when they were younger...

Who is it wise for Christians to date?
How many drinks do you have until you've had too many?
How far is too far sexually before marriage?
Do I need to commit to a church as a teen or young adult?

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