Monday, February 11, 2013

Not all glamour

I spent last Thursday creating a database of the 100 or so children who went through the kids club at my new church in 2012.

It. Took. All. Day.

Half the database was typed up at my Mum's while she was looking after Hanna and she recognised a hidden secret about my profession.

It's not all glam in the world of youth ministry.

It's not all playing games and cracking side-splitting puns.
It's not all creating inspiring bible studies or life changing sermons (I wish!).
It's not all lunches at the RSL.

One of my tasks tomorrow is to create the attendance records which I'll use for the year ahead, and whilst it might not be edge-of-your-seat exciting, it's an important thing to get done.

For, even though it might not get you springing out of bed, databases and attendance records are a part of the ministry lube which makes everything run a little smoother.

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