Monday, March 21, 2011

Suffering #3

The third part (you can read part one & two) of the discussion about suffering, in light of world events, deals with the tricky quandary of natural disasters.

Where does God fit in?
Why does God allow them?

The answer, in part, ties in with part two. We are all living in the consequences of our ancestors decisions. In this case, the choice was to rebel against God. God gave humanity free will to turn away from Him and that was the direction they chose to pursue.

A choice that not only those who before us have made, but that we personally make as well.

As a consequence we are told in the New Testament that the world, which was originally made good, is thrown into chaos.

All of creation was effected adversely by our sin. The world is now in a state of decay and frustration.

Are cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis punishments from God? No. People are not the victims of a randomly-vengeful, thunder-bolt-hurling God.
Is God absent in the midst of tragedies? No. God is seen through stories of survival, outpourings of generosity and compassion. God is present through the church, rescue staff and aid organisations.

But... Will it always be this way? The final part will seek to answer that question.

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