Friday, June 18, 2010

Waiting reason 2

So... Don't you want to have sex with as many different people as possible? Why would you just want to settle with one person?

This reason to have sex really hinges upon your view of sex.

If sex is about having the whole set of possible sexual partners, one of every shape and nationality (like you're on a personal collection of a sexual Noah's Ark), then this question is almost valid. You're aim should be to try all the sexual fruits. Search out the sexual safari and conquest as much as possible.

But this speaks nothing of love. If this is highly valued in your view of human sexuality, and this is certainly the case that God makes for sex, then that will shape how you express it.

Will you be curious about others? Maybe, but it doesn't mean you must act upon that impulse. And, again, this is only a genuinely plausible argument if you remove the element of love and commitment from the equation of sexuality.

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