Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sex reasons 2 & 3

Like i wrote when i started giving my responses to the reasons teens have sex, I'm just going to write what would come off the top of my head, so they may require a polish.

Reason - Sex gives a sense of maturity.

Over time the milestones teenagers pass on the road to adulthood have been eroded. For some teens, sex is still seen as a hurdle to leap on the path to growing up.

Partly, this would come down to the legal age that you can have sex.

I believe their is a valid reason that the government makes this age restriction. It has to do with the very reason of maturity. Sex is a mature act with some really mature consequences.

Unless you're willing to live out those consequences then you're probably not ready to do the deed. Pregnancy, STD's and the way sex changes the physical and emotional dynamics of a relationship are a big deal.

A teen may want to feel mature, but wouldn't be willing to pay the price or that choice.

This reason can be tied into the next one...

Reason - You have sex to be a "real man."

If you're going to have sex to prove you're a man then you need to change your view on being a masculine bloke.

If you have sex as a boy, you will still be a boy afterwards, just not a virgin (I'm reminded of the scene from Cool Runnings where the head of the bobsled team is talking to his coach. He is told by his coach that if you're not enough without the gold medal, you will never be enough with it).

If you're trying to impress your peers by having sex then you need to find better friends. Are they really worth impressing if their judge of masculinity isn't courage, leadership and character, but "getting laid"?

Work on becoming a genuine man first, not impressing a bunch of fellow boys.

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