Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reasons to have sex?

During my weekly Internet trawl i found this blog post looking at some of the reasons why teens have sex.

This caught my attention because of a question i asked to my new youth group leaders over the weekend.

I asked them when the last time they talked to the kids about sex.

I posed the query because of a belief that one of my college lecturers held. Simply... You should chat to the kids in a youth group about sex, dating and relationships every six months.

Why? Because teenagers will constantly be exposed to various views on sex, some particularly skewed and damaging.

The reasons that the blog stated, steaming from the messages that teens are exposed to were...

- It feels good.

- A sense of maturity.

- Guys feel pressure to be a man and "get laid."

- Girls feel pressure to have sex to keep their boyfriend.

- Teens desire connection and intimacy.

- Poor examples of those who have gone before them and are held as people to emulate.

Over the next few days I'll share what i would tell a young person considering having sex for the above reasons.

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