Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mid week feed

At the moment I'm reading a book for ministers when they arrive at a new church (which will be be next week!) and one of the commandments for a new minster is to take care of yourself.

One point reminded me of an e-mail that i have erased over the last week.

A few years ago i posed a question to the regional youth ministry advisor about local, quality mid week church services (i couldn't track one down).

The book suggests that church workers should seek out a regular church service (not necessarily weekly) that they go to to be fed spiritually, without the burden of being "at work."

I think all those in ministry should look for places where they only receive input, or at most, are on minimal output. In the long run, it creates healthier ministers and ministries.

Perhaps special church services should be established just for ministers, with no expectations that they will do anything but be refreshed and fed.

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