Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rejecting Easter

Over the last few days I've listed the excuses people throw up when faced with the resurrection of Jesus.

They were... The Easter story is a Myth, the women went to the Wrong Tomb, the body of Jesus was Stolen, all the witnesses who was Jesus Hallucinated, the body on the cross wasn't Jesus and that Jesus just passed out, not died on the cross.

The real reason i feel that people reject the resurrection of Jesus is that they are just living out their non-belief in God, so they must explain the event away. Their rejection of Easter is not based on history, but philosophy.

Everyone knows... The dead do not rise. They stay dead.

This is true and without a belief in God, the resurrection of anyone is silliness.

But... If God exists, then AT WORST, the Easter events become plausible (I argue the existence of God here).

If you can believe that God is powerful enough to create everything, from nothing, then God bringing life from death isn't impossible. It isn't even all that tricky.

When compared to the other options that explain Easter, the choice that Jesus actually rose from the dead is AT LEAST as probable then the other options...

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