Wednesday, April 1, 2015

If you're going to invite them to sing the words, you need to be able to define the words

I don't lead the singing, but I have Rambled about song words before.

On Sunday night I did, what I think, is a vital element of someone leading worship in church.

After singing a few songs, I asked the congregation the meaning of two words mentioned in the songs they'd just sung... Abasing and Hosanna.

Have you sung either of these words before?
If so, did you know what you were actually singing?
Importantly, how would you define the words?

All too often, churches invite congregations to sing words they may not totally understand.

For someone up the front, no matter if the church is full of relatively newer people or those who are rusted-in-regulars, it's their job to know AND EXPLAIN what they are inviting the people to be a part of.

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