Sunday, April 5, 2015

What affect does our kiddie voice have?

I have a phone voice.

In many ways it's the same one I used when making public announcements at the retail chain I previously worked for.

I think, my phone voice is positively pleasant.

But it also sounds very little like my actual voice, and, if you're aware that I'm doing it, could come off as quite condescending.

I suspect I, like many others in my job, also have an I'm-talking-to-the-children-now voice.

Usually, this voice is slower, higher and places an unnatural emphasis on vowels.

Over any given year I'll hear any number of these voices used at Easter/Christmas assemblies or, at my previous church, chapel services.

But I wonder...
When those up the front speak in a "special" voice when explaining the gospel, how does that affect the adults listening?
Does the message get weakened in the ears of the teachers or parents present due to the tone used?
Is the message of Jesus made "childish" or less applicable to adults due to the method it's delivered?

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