Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why I give the teens weird food every week

Just one of the reasons we lost money last year in youth group is that I buy weird food for the teens to eat when they arrive.

Every. Single. Week.

It's not because I want to develop their palette or that I have a sick desire for them to have their tastebuds tortured titillated by food of my childhood and far away nations.

The reasons are simple...

Food, even especially weird food, breaks the ice.

It's far easier for me to welcome teens and have them sign in with a potentially tasty treat when they walk through the door.

Furthermore, it's far easier for one of my leaders to start a conversation with a teen by chatting about the odd food they just ate, then it might be otherwise.

Finally, through the strange culinary delights that they've experienced, memories are made and identity is formed. The weird food, to some degree, has become a "this is a thing that they do here which makes this place different" element of our group.

And even if it costs a few extra dollars per week, all told, they're well worth the investment...

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