Monday, April 13, 2015

Hitting their creative sweet spot

I'm not a morning person.
Not even close.

If you want me to create, or even write something which makes some sense, then my two most productive times are 12-2pm and 8-10pm. These are the times I'm at my highest, most productive, output.

But, that's what works for me.

On the back of Seth Godin's fifth point in this post and my routine of writing youth group talks in partnership with one of my leaders, I wonder if I should become more aware of my leaders productive hours.

Because it would make more sense to try and organize the talk and questions when they're at their creative peak.

Of course, this could be awkward if it doesn't line up with the late-morning-to-early-afternoon timeslot when the current planning usually falls.

So, how do you plan when your creative sweet-spots don't align?

Well, primarily, it's up to me to work around them.

So, while the actual words-to-paper planning might still occur in the middle of the day, for some, it'd be more productive to talk to them the morning or night before about the talks and small group questions when they're at the creative prime.

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