Monday, March 30, 2015

Resource "sharing"

I've worked for a number of churches over the last decade, as well as being in significant contact with many more.

As a result, I know where a lot of stuff is located.

For example, I used a giant earthball at our Kids' Club on Friday, owned by a previous employer of mine.

Due to the passing of time and the changeover of staff, when I enquired to the availability of the earthball, I had to inform them that they actually HAD an earthball and that I even knew where it would be located.

To an extent, this would probably be true for every church I've worked for. I would know things they posses which they'd be oblivious to, especially those churches whose focus isn't as strong on youth ministry as it was previously.

But, as I drag my feet in returning the earthball, I wonder what the protocol would be in offering to purchase the item.

How do you start that conversation and would it be well received?

Is the offer actually a suggestion that you'll use it more or, in your opinion, that they don't use it enough?
Do you just make an offer?
If so, especially if you feel that the item's being neglected, how low do you go?


Do you just offer to "store the item for them"?

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