Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Whenever I'm involved in a public event, I'll make sure that I wear my "work clothes."

Subsequently, I've written that I'm a pants man and there'll be some people at church who've never seen me without long pants, covered shoes and a button up or collared shirt.

But there's another, relatively hidden, apparel choice I make every workday.

I wear two shirts.

No matter if I'm wearing a polo or button up shirt, I'll always have another shirt underneath.


First, within reason, double-shirting cancels out the need to wear jumpers.

Second, the button up shirts I wear are always open and, thankfully, I don't have to rely on them having all the buttons.

Third, it allows you to do something physical - like stacking chairs between services, setting up for the children's ministry activity or "up-skilling" at a game - and avoiding falling victim of BSMS.

Big Sweaty Man Syndrome.

By double-shirting, you gain an extra layer to either remove whilst doing labour-intensive work or absorb the body-cooling results.

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