Sunday, March 15, 2015

Should I flirt with the oldies at church?

I flirt at church.


I've mentioned flirting and ministry previously here, but this is not what I speak of now...

No, my flirting sounds like the following...

How old are you... what? 35?
Do you need sugar? No, of course, you're sweet enough.
Oh, you can't be her grandmother, you must be sisters!

I admit it.
I flirt with the oldies at church.

Last night, whilst "helping serve" at an event, I used the line about sugar more than a dozen times.

Each time it was responded with a smile and a cheeky laugh.

But, do the same questions about flirting not apply just because those who are being flirted with are senior citizens?

If I openly flirted with someone in their twenties or thirties I would be legitimately wandering into troublesome ground...

But when I Googled "Should I flirt with the oldies at church?" I got no definitive answers.

So, with the danger of being the sole authority on this topic on the Internet...
I think it's fine.

If delivered with good-natured cheek. Otherwise it's borderline creepy.

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