Thursday, March 5, 2015

Must you suspend your disbelief to be a Christian?

Science Fiction.
Action movies.

To a degree, in order to get truly involved in the stories which are trying to be told, you need to suspend your disbelief.

In order to be "taken along for the ride" you need to switch off the part of the brain which says "that would NEVER happen!"

A few weeks ago, while watching some TV show, my wife wondered how I could be a Christian when I spotted a whole bunch of plot holes in a, in my opinion, fairly nonsensical show.

My response?

I think that, rationally, Christianity makes sense in light of the verse of plausibility and the evidence for God's existence.

When you read the bible, I'm not convinced you need to suspend your disbelief.
In fact, church should be a place where you can bring your disbelief and your questions are welcomed.

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