Saturday, March 7, 2015

How should you feel about INSERT YOUR SUBURB Comunity Church?

You're invited to the new INSERT YOUR SUBURB Community Church this Sunday!

I wonder, how does a minster or member of a local church feel when a glossy flier - containing the above line - is dropped into their mailbox?

I don't ask because I think ministers or congregants are insecure, since there are more than enough unchurch and dechurched people in any community to go around, although some are.

Instead, I wonder, because I know of a number of churches, when they've rebranded or launched anew, that have taken a name similar to INSERT YOUR SUBURB Community Church!

Does it bother the other churches in that suburb?

How do the other churches feel, knowing that the church down the road, claims to represent the community which their church has been in for generations?

Are the local churches warned/consulted about the new name?
If so, how should they respond and what would happen if they expressed trepidation towards the new name?

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