Thursday, March 26, 2015

The two choices when faced with a season of suffering

My wife and I, before having our daughter, had two miscarriages in 2010.

Truth being told, she handled it far better than I did (here's the first post I did afterwards).

The difference between the way my wife and I faced our miscarriages had to do with the way it immediately affected our view of God.

For, when faced with a season of pain, generally, a Christian is faced with one of two choices.

And, in the raw emotion of the situation, you may well bounce between either, you'll probably settle in one...

Either... You can draw closer to God and become more aware of His presence in the midst of your troubles and pain.

Or, remove - or hide - yourself from God, and church, thinking that God has abandoned you, leaving you alone in your troubles and pain.

The problem is, with the first option being far more in alignment with how God has revealed Himself in the bible, allowing this truth to have room to be heard above some of the other "truths" bouncing around your mind.

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